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William Wintour US Patent and Trademark Attorneys

William Wintour, Patent Attorney

William WintourWilliam Wintour, JD manages hundreds of patent and trademark filings and conducts oversight on the patent and trademark fillings of the firm.

Prior Experience:
Manager of the Artists’ and Inventors’ Legal Clinic, 2009 to present.
Registered Patent Attorney, 2009
University of Colorado, Boulder; BS – Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology; 2009
Registered Attorney, 2007
Seattle University; Juris Doctorate, 2007
University of Colorado, Boulder; BA; English; 2003
University of Colorado, Boulder; BA; Philosophy of Law and Economics; 2001
Member of Mensa

Tel.#: +1 202 484 5102 ext. 1
Email: will@williamwintour.com