Let our US Patent attorneys & Trademark Lawyers File Your Patents and Trademarks in the United States and Around the World!
William Wintour US Patent and Trademark Attorneys
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Welcome to William Wintour
We are affordable US patent attorneys who specialize in taking your ideas and putting them in the hands of people around the world; we make them want a better world, one idea at a time.
World-wide Patent Attorneys
We know how foreign patent offices work and we write every patent from the perspective of patenting it around the world in the most cost-effective manner possible.
Know Your Options
Every idea has a birth, a development, and a death; let us teach you what you need to know each step along the way.
Do Something Wonderful
Happiness comes from getting dirty and working hard at something you love; if it's not getting better and better over time then you need to try something new.
Bring it all Home
The best opportunities demand your complete attention. Don't miss your chance to change the world; Inspire us, and we will fight for you.
We Take Care of the Details
Keeping everything together means somebody is always taking care of business, our job is letting you rest easy.

US Patent Attorneys & Trademark Lawyers

Our team of Registered US Patent Attorneys and US Trademark lawyers are dedicated to accomplishing your goals in the best and cheapest manner possible. Whether it is drafting an affordable original patent or trademark application to file in the United States, filing your US Patent in foreign countries, or simply filing a translation of your foreign patent application in the US, we are committed to using the most efficient no-nonsense approach to achieve your goals.

We offer standard flat fees or free quotes for flat fees for most of our services. For the few services we perform at an hourly rate, we charge a modest $300 an hour, which is competitive for established US patent and trademark law firms.

In addition to being registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the US Patent Attorneys and trademark lawyers at William Wintour PC have a wide range of valuable experience, including: chemistry, biochemistry, software, and mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as practical industry experience in both domestic an international markets. We “speak your language,” and usually contribute significantly to our Client’s methods and designs.

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  • William Wintour is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My business partner and I really needed to be walked through the entire process and had very specific questions about our product idea. Mr. Wintour provided us with answers and great advice. He was able to make something that at one time felt complex and nearly impossible suddenly feel very manageable as he guided us through the patent process.
    Audrey Koplar, Co-owner of Mixie PIxie
  • Free and VERY knowledgeable advice from a caring and intelligent lawyer! Best attorney that I've found to help me with my questions.
    Sam, Entrepreneur
  • Simply put, Will Hunziker is the best entertainment, copyright & patent attorney working in Boulder, Colorado. The depth and breadth of his expertise has put him on my speed dial. I strongly admire his pro-bono work for worthy creative ventures.
    Danice, Film Producer
  • As a future JD student, not only did he give me real world experience in entertainment/copyright law, I also saw how his client's benefited from his services, expertise and willingness to go above and beyond on each and every case.
    Melissa, Intern